BCBG, LLC. is a Florida-based company specializing in shopping center management.

BCBG, LLC. was formed on April 21, 2017, in the state of Florida, and is owned at 50% by Elements Real Estates LLC and at 50% by Station61 LLC.

Since the purchase of the shopping center in 2017, the BCBG LLC has been dedicated to providing a suitable working atmosphere for a variety of businesses including retail shops, service businesses, and food service establishments.

BCBG, LLC.’s shopping center is located at 14135 NW 7th Ave., in North Miami, Florida. On May 12, 2017, the Company purchased the property located at the address.

We have a leasable area of 30,000-square-foot, and a total of 83,000 square feet, including both parking and surroundings.

The Company is dedicated to maintaining and constantly improving the state of the property in order to create a tasteful and attractive atmosphere for both the tenants and shoppers of the mall.

The shopping center is strategically located on Northwest 7th Avenue in North Miami, which is characterized by high street traffic and is home to many other shops and local businesses. The high street traffic enables the tenants to attract an increasing number of prospects into the mall.

BCBG, LLC.’s office is located at 62 NE 25th St., Suite 101, in Miami, Florida. The office is used for administrative purposes.

The Company maintains positive relationships with tenants and promptly responding to any requests and/or complaints. For example, in 2020, during the two-month period of COVID-19-related closure of Miami, the Company decided not to charge rent to its tenants, helping those businesses to survive and save jobs. Therefore, BCBG, LLC. is focused on supporting its tenants as well as the local community.